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Dr. Tanasa Hooda


I extend an exuberant welcome to the students who are desirous to take admission in Govt. College for Girls, Pillukhera. Though situated in rural locale, it is no less than any well-established college in urban area. Its highly dedicated and learned teaching faculty, with an aim to take the institution to the dizzy heights of success and stardom, always remains ready to meet any challenges. Govt. College for Girls, Pillukhera, endowed with progressive futuristic outlook, aims at all-round development of students and therefore keeps organizing various co-curricular activities like debates, essay writing, poster making, mehndi competitions, cultural programmes and sports activities from time to time. Our focus is to develop in our students an approach to learning that incorporates enquiry, research, analytical thinking and ethical approach. Our distinction lies in the pursuit of high academic attainment through nurturing in our students such qualities as excellence, confidence, cooperation and ability to come out with flying colours even in the adverse situations like COVID-19. COVID-19 pandemic has ensued a new global change. Its impact is apparently perceptible in varied aspects of human life. It has brought many radical changes in our life style. It has explicit impact on the education of our future generation i.e. our youth on whose shoulders rest the responsibilities of our nation. In the present scenario, the mode of education has changed altogether. The traditional classrooms where students used to have direct or face to face communication with the teachers have now replaced with the virtual classrooms. Blended learning has taken place of traditional face to face teaching. But my dear students and teachers, our determination and our goals have not changed at all. The transmission of knowledge and the education has been made viable in a more strengthened and widened way. In the present unavoidable or inevitable circumstances, let’s gain education with a spirit full of optimism and energy. We are highly committed to the welfare of our students and wish all of them a very bright future ahead.